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      Ficus elastica XXL (KH) - Blumencafé Berlin

      Ficus elastica XXL (KH)

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      Ficus elastica is a sun-loving, very easy to care for houseplant and provides an improved indoor climate in every room. Although it also grows in partial shade, it only develops its natural habitus with enough light -Ficus elastica is a tree, and that's how it grows. It doesn't have to be the south window, but direct sun is a must. Give your new giant in the jungle some fertilizer during the growth phase in summer, because he is hungry. Easily grows several meters high, but can be brought back into manageable dimensions at any time by cutting.

      Watering is only necessary when the top layer of soil has completely dried out; Protect from dry heating air and drafts in winter. If this fig is injured, a white, latex-containing milk juice emerges from the wound, which can be slightly irritating to the skin.

      The price includes a clay coaster.

      Our advice: Since the coaster is not glazed and there may be moisture in the
      We recommend small felt or cork discs
      underlay to protect wooden tables, wooden floors, etc.!


      Info on light requirements

      Light location: M.Orgens or direct sun in the evening, otherwise a lot of indirect light, space e.g. on the east or west window; slightly protected at the south window e.g. place further in the room, but always near the window.

      A bright location is a place where you can comfortably read a book in small letters during the day without electric light - even when the sky is overcast. The plant must also be able to "see" the window - imagine your plant has eyes and wants to enjoy the view from the window unhindered. Never place a plant for a bright spot more than 2 meters from a normal-sized window.